The GED Program

The GED test has five sections: math, writing,reading,science and social studies. I took this test in the summer of 2013.The first three sections were very easy although I really didn’t study in advance. Writing and Math proved to be more difficult. I took some prep classes, but I had to take more in order to pass which I did. The GED test takes about seven hours. I had to write a short essay and there were multiple choice questions. The test was very typical to pass, and you don’t have to memorize history or biology or the planets in our solar system.

ows_136372066045433If you can understand the basic concept of the subjects you will be fine. Test questions provide the clues. Say you are a good reader and you can read and understand science and social studies. You will pick up context clues from your test. Most people find math and writing more difficult. In 1942 the GED was introduced. The score to pass has been raised over time,but the fundamental principles remain the same. Its suppose to determine on rather a high school senior and the GED test-takers are equivalent to each other. Researches say that a GED test is only equivalent to a ninth or tenth grade level.

A friend of mine who is 19 dropped out in his junior year, but went back to school. He struggled socially. A teacher came to him and suggested he try for his GED, which he passed. Armed with this certificate he went to college and enrolled in Precision Machining. He later got a job at a metal product shop. From here on he excelled in learning and got paid well. The GED has been seen as a part of many peoples life’s. It has been done by dropouts as a way to get an education and go to college. You can join the Army with just a GED. People called it the miracle because in about six weeks you could pass these tests,and be ready for college to get a degree.